Earn money using TEZ google UPI app

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Google has introduced an app for digital payment called “Tez”. Within 20 hours of its launch, it received more than 4 lakh active users and they all made transaction worth 1.8 crore. You might have received many whatsapp messages for downloading Google tez app. So why is everyone so interested in installing google TEZ app? Let’s find out.


Key features :

  • It directly access the bank account for doing transactions and have almost all banks to link.
  • Once you configure your UPI, you can make transactions.
  • You don’t need to remember the UPI of person. You can find the person’s UPI using email or phone number/phone contact. They will directly get the pay/request for the transaction.
  • Other wallets like paytm / mobiqwick , they use there own wallet and store the money as eCash. But this app directly credits or debits the money from your account. You don’t need the third party.
  • If you choose to have cash mode, you can directly pay/request by clicking tez icon. very similar process as xender device pairing.
  • Available as a payment option to pay online on vendors like flipkart, amazon etc


And now the main motivation to download :

You’ll get rs 51 as referral reward. When you install the application from the link given below, you need to configure your bank account UPI and also make first transaction worth 51 rs. You and your friend will get 51 rs as bonus in your bank account.

Click here to download the TEZ App

Note: You won’t get anything if you don’t go via referral.





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