Hello Friends!!

Here is amazing trick to make your friends scare about virus.

this trick will create infinite number of folders in few seconds.

Just Follow the Simple instructions :

  • open notepad
  • type the following code

md %random%
goto label

  • Save the File as xyz.bat(any name)
  • now close the file
  • Double click on on file that you have just created


Note: Before apply double click on it please create “new folder” and move that file in “new folder”.(importance of this NOTE will be understand after applying this trick) :)


Simply close the process to stop the folders being creating….

Thank you

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7 Responses to “How to create virus?”

  1. Hrithik Chatterjee says:

    Sir, By chance i have double clicked it without saving it in an another folder. Now unlimited number of folders are being created in my desktop. Kind help me by telling that how i can stop this.

  2. close the process to stop it

  3. Lekhraj Prasad says:

    It’s good and working . I won’t got the previous bat trick of you .

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