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How to Connect two Computer using LAN??

It is also called as Peer to peer communication.

What is Peer to Peer communication??

›A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is created when two or more PCs are connected and share resources without going through a separate server computer.
›Steps for connecting and share data between two PC for WIN 7 onwards OS.
  • Connect both PC by LAN cable.
  • ›You will see blinking lights at bottom of your LAN port if both PC are connected successfully.
  • ›Both PC must be in same WORKGROUP as in win 7 by default it is in WORKGROUP.
  • ›Click on change adapter setting link shown at left panel.


  • ›Set IP address appropriately in both PC from network  and sharing center.
  • After assigning IP address to both PC, you have done almost a half work.
  • ›Now you have to change advance network sharing setting so that you can share data between both PCs.
  • From network connection, You can get the option for change advance network sharing setting link.
  • ›Just Click on that link and you will see new window with number of options related to sharing files.
  • ›In All networks panel, just set turn on sharing and turn off password protected sharing.


  • ›Now, you will have to create homegroup for sharing data.
  • ›You will get this from network and sharing center.


  • ›To create homegroup, Network location must be set to home, work or public network.
  • ›By just clicking on “what is network location?”, you can set this option.


  • ›After setting the network location, you will get window with create homegroup button so you can easily create homegroup.



  • ›You will see password that will be needed while you are joining this group from another PC.
  • ›Open homegroup link from another PC, you will see the the homegroup that is created in another connected pc.
  • ›Just join this group and it will asked you to enter password, enter it and join.
  • ›Now, All the steps are over.
  • ›Open network explorer from my computer, You will see both PC.
  • ›You can access it and share data whichever you want.
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