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This is the trick through which you can make fun of your friends!!!

I have tried on So many Friends now its your time…

I have given some tricks here




I am giving Demo first then i will explain about that.


Click here to see Demo…




    <title>Love Tester</title>
    <meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />
    <meta name=”distribution” content=”Global” />
<h1>Love Tester</h1>
<!– Begin
function calc() {

first = document.loveform.name1.value.toUpperCase();
firstlength = document.loveform.name1.value.length;
second = document.loveform.name2.value.toUpperCase();
secondlength = document.loveform.name2.value.length;
var LoveCount=0;

for (Count=0; Count < firstlength; Count++) {
if (letter1==’L’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter1==’O’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter1==’V’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter1==’E’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter1==’Y’) LoveCount+=3;
if (letter1==’O’) LoveCount+=1;
if (letter1==’U’) LoveCount+=3;

for (Count=0; Count < secondlength; Count++) {
if (letter2==’L’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter2==’O’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter2==’V’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter2==’E’) LoveCount+=2;
if (letter2==’Y’) LoveCount+=3;
if (letter2==’O’) LoveCount+=1;
if (letter2==’U’) LoveCount+=3;

if (LoveCount> 0) amount=  5-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount> 2) amount= 10-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount> 4) amount= 20-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount> 6) amount= 30-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount> 8) amount= 40-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount>10) amount= 50-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount>12) amount= 60-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount>14) amount= 70-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount>16) amount= 80-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount>18) amount= 90-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount>20) amount=100-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)
if (LoveCount>22) amount=110-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (firstlength==0 || secondlength==0) amount= “Err”;
if (amount < 0) amount= 0;
if (amount >99) amount=99;

//  End –>

<form name=loveform>

<input value=”Bill Clinton” name=”name1″ type=”text” size=”20″> +
<input value=”Monica Lewinsky” name=”name2″ type=”text” size=”20″> =
<input value=”” name=”output” type=”text” size=”6″>
<input value=”Calculate!” name=”calculate” type=”button” value=”calculate” onclick=”calc()”>


Copy this JavaScript in notepad and save it as anyname.htm

Now open that file with any internet browser like Mozilla Firefox.

And you will have the result like Demo given above..


NOTE: we will not be responsible for any relationship broken after you tried. LOL 😀
Thank yoult;head

Thank you

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