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Is U’r PC running very slowly than it used to? May be it is because of enabled too lots of startup programs, which means the programs that launch automatically after U start your PC. These programs will bog down your system resources & removing that programs will free up some space.

For Windows, If you want to Stop them manually

Simply Follow the Steps:

Step 1)
Open “RUN” dialog box  OR  press “window key+R ”

Step 2)
Type “msconfig” in that text box & click “OK” / press Enter


It will open Window as shown in image below

Step 3)
Click on “Start up” . This will show the various programs that starts when you Starts your PC.

Step 4)
Disable all the programs which you do not want starting up automatically when you turn on your PC.

As an example, if you do not wants  starting up automatically, Simply uncheck gtalk.exe.

Step 5)
Click on “OK” after you have finished Step 4.



startup programs are also stored in a folder known as  “Startup”. which is in Start->All programs->Startup.There are Chances of nothing in there, however there could be some programs.

If  U do not want any of  programs to start up, simply right-click the file/Files that U don’t want and press right click n select Delete.


thank you

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