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Today I am going to share something about teen Patti. This game is very popular in India. All are crazy for chips. And right now there is a huge business of selling teen Patti chips. I don’t care about these all stuff. All I want is to provide free chips to my readers.

So there are two tricks by which you can get free chips.

Side show trick

In this trick you have to make someone fool. The only Requirement is, you should play with two users on same table.

I observed Generally two friends playing on same table and steel someone’s chips. So there is a trick for you guys

There is a bug in teen Patti,

if a user request for side show to other user ,the other user has to stand up and sit again and accept the side show. If the card is pair of A or less then that user will be forcely packed due to bug. And the pot chips will be given to your friend.

If you are thinking that how is it possible to accept side show after siting on table but as I already said it is bug .try yourself now.

Note : the person who is requested side show must have less than pair of A. Otherwise he will not packed forcefully .

Unlimited bonus trick

This is boaring and time consuming process. There is another bug in this game. Everybody knows after 12 am you get daily bonus.

If you play from account “play as guest” then after 12 am when you received your bonus, don’t play any game just close the game and then again start it and play as guest. You will receive daily bonus again. This will work as much as you can restart your game.

Note: if you play any game from guest account after getting bonus, you will not get bonus on next restart. And then you have to wait for next day.

Thank you

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